Scan Sketches

August 26, 2009

Hi every body ! Maybe we can just take 5 sketches thaat we made since skizzen festival and show each other ? 

what do you think ?

kisses Tom


greetings from weimar // mike & rosa

August 16, 2009

we started a little workshop – similiar to the one of maki and annett in stralsund. a comic with the background of our city. the first sketches :


back in my s-kitchen

August 3, 2009

Hey, hi everybody!! (if there is anybody)

So yeah, it’s skitchen time!

I changed my plans of hard working and decided to cook one of my favourite summer dishes. The one that came to my mind several times in Stralsund.

It’s made with eggplants and it’s vegetarian… Mike, guess what it is? And Magali?









And that was the last page of my third sketchbook. Yey

It’s tastier if you sketch it. Now I can prove it!


skizzenfestival 2009

April 20, 2009

skizzenfestival 09

SPRING / Annette

March 18, 2009

Hey all of you…

it seems to be, our ambitious workshop-BLOG felt asleep over wintertime an doesn`t wake up again… I thought about, well… just let`s use the BLOG for showing our work, our vernissages and for connecting. And in summer, we can burst energy again, LIVE!

So, spring comes, and I made some illustrations for the seeds.

Also to buy:

spring come—olga

March 8, 2009



February 13, 2009



this electronoc’ massage just to say to all person living near LYON (fr) that you could drink free during the vernissage on sunday the 15th february.

Just some engraving and not good drawings . . .. . . .

the adress is:

l’atelier des p’tits papiers

9 rue burdeau
Lyon 1er.

see you … . ..



January 31, 2009

Hi everybody!

As you may recognized, we did our own mini-sketchingfestival during the last week. We finished it today and decided to post some of our sketches onto this blog to let you see what we did. Hopefully you enjoy it!

Sunny greetings to all of you!


Sincerely Yours,

the sunmakers



January 27, 2009

Hi everybody!

Sorry for being late, but well, this my first post on the super-superskizzen blog.

In Stralsund we started to prepare the new Skizzenfestival and because we can’t wait untill the summer, we decided to make a miniskizzenfestival just for us. : )

But of course everyone can participate, using the blog.

Here are the workshop ideas for the week:

24/01: draw the whole day with just one line.

25/01: draw objects just by touching them; memory sketches. (the Marienkirche and your kitchen)

26/01: draw animals .

27/01: draw with your left hand.

28/01: draw with just one color and only the things that actually have this color.

29/01: draw with text.

30/01: draw television. 


Here are my first sketches.


PS: Because we now have to look for sponsors and partners for the Skizzenfetsival 09, I made a new version of the SF website as quickly as possible.

I will add new stuff as soon as possible. But I will be happy to hear about comments, critics and ideas about it.



Aktion Drawing in Paris

January 8, 2009
Aktion Drawing in Paris

Aktion Drawing in Paris

hope you’ve got gut reingefeiert.
komm vorbei. join us*

Aktion Drawing
Illustration, Live Drawing, Video Installations
on live jazz music with Papafard

on 15. Jan. 2009
start at 7,30 PM
in Aux Petits Joueurs
59 rue Mouzaïa – 75019 Paris

Julio Rölle –
Manuele Fior –
Luigi Critone-
Estelle Beauvais –
Michel Pinosa â
Maki Shimizu â

auch gerne mit machen!


Animation workshop | Didier

January 7, 2009
animation workshop - didier mazellier

animation workshop - didier mazellier

It’s snowing now where i live and i cannot go outside to find a dog, so i just draw with my memories, but i’m not sure about the end . .. .. . . . .. . .. .

happy new year!

petit cheval noel pour tous ensemble

December 24, 2008


Animation workshop

December 18, 2008


Exhibition flyer olga

December 9, 2008


Exibition Flyer – didier

December 1, 2008


Exibition Flyer II

November 25, 2008


Next festival first meeting

November 25, 2008

Hello superskizzers, just a word from our loved sunmakers :

“On January the 17th [9am till 7pm] we want to make something like a meeting for everyone who wants to say something about wishes for the next skizzenfestival. we dont want it to be exactly the same like this year – and we want to hear every new ideas of changing and stuff- to make the skizzenfestival much better next year
the meeting will be a kinda brainstorm to check everything and to do the SF the way you want it to be.”

Exhibition Flyer

October 26, 2008


October 24, 2008

now it´s getting serious!

I am planning a SUPERSKIZZEN – Exhibition with nostalgic flair on decembre, the 13th, it`s a saturday.

over the day we have an open WORKSHOP

“printing (rubberstamps etc.) wrapping paper for christmas presents”

and in the evening our wellknown band JAARA will play an we can start drinking!

If ou like, think about having small scetching workshops on the evening too (arabic phone?) or on sunday afterwards.

THE ART ON THE WALLS: I would take the sketches from the BLOG here, AND whatever you can send to me, postal!

THE FLYER: That´s the WORKSHOP here… Make a FLYER about/for this exhibition! 8,5 x 5,5 cm

The Informations you see on the dummy below, have to be on the Flyer! Or you sketch around… (??)

Find red thing workshop/Silke

October 20, 2008

In the morning I brought garbage to the trash can.
Besides the way are bushes and roses, red and pink.
And between the plants: parts of clothspins, first one in blue and next one in red.

find red thing WORKSHOP// sophie

October 13, 2008

It was my lucky day!! XXOO to everyone!

“find red thing” workshop / olga

October 6, 2008

find red thing workshop / didier

October 3, 2008

petite bestiole au regard africain … .

pourtant on l’appelle aussi gendarme . .

little bug with african mask,

in france, we also call it “policeman”

french people are so strange . . .. .


October 3, 2008

I found something! It´s nature trash… there were lots more and I love the colours of autumn!


October 3, 2008

Finally I made the steps thing, too…

Doing workshops late is better than not doing them at all, isn`t it?

Workshop “find red thing”

September 27, 2008

this is a workshop by Maki and Sophie.

of course, between 29.09. and 13.10.

have fun!! COOOOL!


September 26, 2008

Go-out-sketch-workshop / Tom

September 22, 2008

As soon as i was outside, a couple of german tourist came to me and asked me for a good restaurant. So we spoke a little about sketching and germany, i was kind of nostalgic…  

Free sketch: olga

September 18, 2008

Try to workshop / Tom

September 18, 2008

I ofen try to sketch outside behind the train’s window. I catch landscape pieces, and a new mental landscape is building itself on the sketchbook.

This time, i also wrote a piece of text about it after a six pages serie. Please clic on images to see them bigger. (especially the last one)

I try o translate my french thoughts :

Outside, from a train, everything scrolls as fast as you can only catch reality by fractions. If the sketch starts to be released some of figuration, it is also really concrete : by leaving identification of landscape parts go as fast as they are shirking our eyes, then we can feel the reality of this “space” according to its specific temporality.

Then, sketching is ofen like that : it is about an instant, like photography, but that instant would have a variable temporality, broader.

À l’exterieur d’un train, tout défile si vite qu’on ne peut capter la réalité que par bribes. Si le dessin se libère un peu de la figuration, il n’en est pourtant que plus concret. En laissant filer l’identification des éléments du paysage aussi vite qu’ils se dérobent à nos yeux, on capte alors la réalité d’un lieu selon sa temporalité spécifique.

Le croquis est toujours comme ça, c’est l’histoire d’un instant, mais cet instant a une temporalité variable, plus large.